Saturday, 27 September 2014


The team have arrived safely in Odessa, after a long day travelling.
Our day started at 6.30am, travelling from Woodgreen by minibus to London Gatwick airport. We arrived just after the check in opened and were soon waiting for our flight.

We boarded slightly late, then had to wait whilst freight and luggage was loaded onto the aircraft. We eventually took off 1 hour 20 minutes late. It wasn't until part way through our flight that we found out that Ukraine Airways no longer serve a meal during the flight.

We arrived late at Kiev airport and after passport control, a shuttle bus trip between terminals and having to put our luggage through 2 x-ray machines finally managed to arrive at the boarding gate just before it closed.

Our second flight was uneventful and we arrived in Odessa to be met by Peter and Alex, both with beaming smiles.

After a very welcome cup of tea with biscuits we are now settled into our rooms in Transition House, looking forward to a good nights sleep and breakfast.

Tomorrow we will be going to church, where we are told there is to be a wedding followed by lunch.

More about that later.