Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Latest Update

Sorry for the delay in the updates, the team are having problems getting onto the blog from Odessa. However here is Rob's latest blog.

Arrived safely in Odessa and greeted by Peter and Alex. We arrived at Transition House to hear that Clara (the guard dog) had passed away only to be replaced by a new Clara. 

The young lads who had been living here have now moved on. 
After having tea and coffee we went to see what changes had been made and the four of us who were here in September were amazed. 
In summary, all toilet/shower rooms have been tiled with toilets, basins and shower cubicles fitted; all bedrooms have laminate floors laid; about half the bedrooms have been wall papered and the main corridor has been decorated. This was far more than we expected and we believe it is due to one of the pastors at Grace Baptist church working with Peter on a full time basis and the generosity of the people from the North Wales churches.
Because of this, we are now working on the next floor up and continuing with tiling the toilets/showers that our friends from North Wales started in March.
Its a real encouraging feeling to see such a big step in the progress of the project.

On Sunday we had the privilege of taking communion with the people of the church and in the evening we spent some time with the children, John and Josh were the only ones brave enough to attempt twister. Today we started tiling and will continue to do so over these two weeks.


Peter & the team

 Completed work

Ongoing work

Grace Baptist Church

The 'younger' team members playing Twister with the children

Watch for the next update