Monday, 21 September 2015

First work day down

Today has been our first workday, yesterday we went to Grace Baptist Church for both morning and evening service, we also had lunch and dinner at the church. We all managed to have a short rest yesterday afternoon which helped us recover from our long journey on Saturday.

We had a slow start having a look at the progress made so far (more of that in a later blog, with photos) and getting back into the swing of things. Igor is our 'resident expert', always on hand to direct and guide us through the work.

We started the day carrying tiles and cement up the 2 floors to our work area (our morning workout), then split off to start, cutting channels in the floor and through walls for central heating pipes, wall tiling and building a partition wall in the main corridor to the fire exit, which will help to keep the area warmer if the cold winter winds blow in through the fire exit door.

It's really been hard work today as the temperature has been up in the high 20's and very humid, so we are all feeling quite drained now.

Cutting channels in the floor

Cleaning up the mess

First tiles of te trip going on

The frame up for the partition wall

After a day working here we are all feeling as though we had never been away, it's great to be back amongst old friends and making new ones as well.