Friday, 2 October 2015

Almost finished

Well it's Friday and we've almost finished our 2 weeks here in Odessa.

Yesterday we only worked in the morning and after lunch we went to the Black Sea camp for a rest and barbecue.

We had a great time even though the weather wasn't brilliant, it was a little cloudy and the wind was quite chilly.

Today it was back to normal with everyone trying to get as much finished as possible.

So what have we been doing this past 2 weeks apart from barbecue, opera, walks in Odessa etc.

Along with the 2 Igors, who have been working with us, we've :
Chipped, cleaned and bonded all the corridor floors and floors in 7 rooms.
Cut channels in the floors and holes in walls for central heating pipes.
Built and plastered a partition wall.
Plastered 3 complete rooms and the corridors
Built metalwork and plaster boarded the ceiling behind the new wall.
Boxed in pipework.
Constructed 5 door frames and doors
Fitted 2 of the frames and doors into the rooms.
Grouted 6 toilet/shower rooms.
Tiled 5 kitchen walls.
Tiled floors in 5 rooms and grouted 1 of them.
Tiled 2 more toilet/shower rooms.

Drunk lots of tea,coke, sprite and fruit juice, ate loads of biscuits and had a really great time with our friends over here.

So it's now time to complete the final jobs, tidy up and pack as we leave tomorrow morning to fly home. We've had time to build on our old friendships and to make new friends. As always we will leave tomorrow, looking forward to seeing our families but sad to leave such good friends, however knowing, that soon, we will be back to do more work.
There is still more work to be done but the building is now starting to look closer to completion.

Can you help?

Don't miss out, look out for next year's dates and get involved.