Friday, 2 December 2016

Leaving the best till last.

Hi folks, just a brief one tonight because we have arrived back late from a wonderful evening with our friends at church. I will keep some amazing video and photos for presentations when we get back home, but suffice to say this has been an amazing day.

We have been encouraged all week by the apostle Paul's model of servant-hood in Philippians, not only to live as men of God, confident in Christ, but desiring that whatever we go through we are encouragement to God's people, in our prayers, in our thankfulness of God's provision, in our passion to see the gospel go forward, in our relationships to be full of gentleness and encouragement. Today we finished our studies and just had a great time of thankful prayer for each others fellowship this week, which has been real, timely and we pray lasting in its impact.

The work came to an end today, we have some photos and video. In Summary, the two main large rooms for recreation in the basement have been completed in structural metal work, leaving the more cosmetic stuff for the folks to complete at a gentler pace over the next few weeks. The storage room is full of bathroom kit ready to be fitted, again this can be done over the winter months, and there is plenty to keep God's people here encouraged and to carry on in the work.

We finished this evening with a trip to church, and our second attempt to provide some festive encouragement. Whilst the children were out in Christmas choir practice, we had a new friend with us who rode in the minibus.

 We had some strange waves along the way, and managed to acquire another tree and decorations.
 All the guys took their turn in getting it looking impressive and co-ordinated before the children came back, but when they did....

WOW what excitement. Santa had many cuddles, and there was mass excitement when the candy sticks were  spotted.
We had a little prayer time with our friends, being reminded that God is the giver of all GOOD GIFTS and THE GREATEST GIFT. We thanked God that we were able to enjoy him together with those who were most special to us, and there was a tangible sense of God's smile on the whole evening. God is so good. The evening finished with children enjoying their Christmas oranges  and  bananas, some hide and seek under the tables and some amazing Ukrainian biscuits and company.
Each of us go back with precious memories of an amazing week and Friday evening.
For me my abiding memories will be...
1) The excitement of the children coming in to enjoy the Christmas tree
2) The gift of soft toys, cuddles and friendships expressed.
3) The gratitude of the children
4) The completion of the work we set out to do.
5) The prayer time with Pieter (and his gratitude to God) in the basement area that we have worked in all week. As Pieter so eloquently put it "Slava Borg God is GOOD"
I'll write a fuller summary when time, thank you for faithfully being with us on this amazing Journey, we are getting there, and meeting the children again who will make fuller use of this place makes us want to support this ministry all the more. We hope you can stay with us to completion and see this ministry grow in the way that matters, that is investing in people and their spiritual well being. We love you for you generosity, we're encouraged by your encouragement, and we are blown away by what God is doing to his glory.