Friday, 27 September 2013

Last Day - Friday

Yesterday we travelled the 40k to the Black Sea camp. There we made a fire with fallen branches that we cut up and placed into a double line of bricks. As soon as the wood had burnt down enough, Peter barbecued pork chops and kekbabs that he had marinated overnight.

Whilst the meat was cooking some of the guys played football with the lads from Transition 
House whilst others went down to the beach.

We enjoyed a fabulous meal with our hosts and after clearing up we returned to the shelter for a well earned rest. It was good to stop for a break in the peace of the camp.

This morning we bought some flowers to give, as a thank you, to the ladies who have prepared and served our meals each day.

We are continuing with our work, trying to get as much done as we can before we leave tomorrow.

It is with mixed feelings that we plan to go home early tomorrow morning, we are looking forward to going home to see our families but we will leave with real sadness, having had good fellowship with our friends here.

We look forward to our next visit in May next year.