Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Monday 23rd/Tuesday 24th September

Arrived at Transition House after several traffic jams this morning.
It was good to see the progress that has been made since our last visit with tiles on the stairs and in several rooms.

We set to work with 2 men boxing in piping, another cementing in pipes in the walls and the others tiling and mixing adhesive and cement.

Progress seems slow after previously putting up plasterboard sheets, but the work now is more time consuming with a lot of
effort and not much to show for it.

Monday proved to be a tiring day for everyone and we were all in bed before the children in the shelter.

Today we continued with the same work as yesterday but now we can start to see our progress and have had the thumbs up and an approving nod from Sasha the builder.

We are having some problems with wifi at time and also issues adding photos to the blog, we will keep trying to get some photos uploaded as soon as we can.