Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Work underway

We have just finished our second day of work. Yesterday, Monday, we started work on the fourth floor. This is an open plan area above the dormer windows you can see in the picture of the outside. This area will eventually become the communal meeting area.

Our task is to complete the metal work and plaster board on the sloping ceilings. After the usual slow start whilst we try to understand what Igor wants us to do we have made some good progress. We met Igor Bhandura from Kiev who visited on Monday lunchtime. He used to be a Pastor at Grace Church and whilst he has moved on, the Transition House is his project.

On Tuesday at mid afternoon Emlyn & Nick were whisked away from construction work to help plant seven pine trees at Black Sea Camp whilst John had a Russian language lesson. Whilst we were there we had a message that Emlyn's luggage had turned up, hopefully they will deliver it to Transition House soon. We have returned quite late to Transition House.

So what's been happening whilst we have been away?

Work has been carried on at the third floor. The floor tiling of the main passageway has been completed and the walls painted with an interesting pattern, designed by Peter.  Floor and wall tiling has also continued elsewhere and some of the rooms are in the course of decoration. There is still the fitting of kitchens and bathrooms to do and many of the doors also still need to be fitted. (Maybe they are waiting for John and Rob to return!