Saturday, 26 November 2016

Good evening faithful Odessa supporters and friends. We have arrived safely, and immediately have got to work putting boards and metal framework materials into the basement, ready for next week. Things got even better when the takeaway Pizza arrived... It seems like  the week has started as we mean to go on. We are so amazed at God's goodness as we arrive out here. Here's 6 praise pointers to start with.
1) The huge storms which hit transition house did not do any damage other than minor and cosmetic. All materials for repair were kept in store and no cost was added to the project. Checking the roof also prompted the folks to spot something that was a minor repair but could've been much worse later in the winter. (God is good and by his sovereignty saved the team some money through the provision of a storm.)
2) 2 Kitchens have gone in since we were last here - and look good too (photo's tomorrow)
3) Pieter, Lydia, Alexei, John and Sergei, (the TH team) all look well and in good spirits.
4) We arrived safely on time in Odessa, despite our flight leaving in bad fog, 40 minutes late with lack of ground crew.
5) The team are a great bunch of guys, and go to warm beds full of amazing Pizza.
6) We are thrilled with the way God has provided for materials on this trip. We had a target in mind that we prayed for, but God has given us 3 times this amount. All of it will be extremely well used and appreciated here.
Pray for us tomorrow as we try to encourage the church.
God is so good, and part of that is so much your partnership with us. Whatever part you are playing.. whether coming out, giving, or praying.... keep going, God is working amazingly to his Glory, and it is a privilege to be a small part of it.
Signing out from a slightly chilly Odessa.
Paul, Josh, Kev, Mark, Darren and John C (looking chuffed with a fresh supply of Cadburys and Yorkshire Tea)