Monday, 28 November 2016

Redeeming a basement.

Those of you who have followed the building of transition house from the beginning, know that the land on which it has been built was formerly owned by the Soviet authorities. The building is actually constructed on the basement foundations of what was formerly a government building. 60 years ago the basement was built and used for very different purposes. Of all the stories we have heard of what went on there, none are good. Therefore today was a significant day, as we re-worked on rooms which will be used for meetings, bible studies, recreation, rehabilitation, rest, eating together, cooking together and building friendships. In short the basement will now be used to build a community, not to rule over individuals by fear.

It has been a long but productive day.
7:30am (5:30 UK time) Bible study: We are working through the book of Philippians as a team. How to "man up !" and live for Christ when times are tough. It is amazing how Paul's time of testing and isolation proved so fruitful, because his eyes were fixed on Christ. Our prayer is that we will grow to be men who encourage others even when we go through tough times. That our heart and prayers for our local churches to thrive, would  grow, when we are under pressure. In the world of "the selfie", we pray that our lives would be Christ obsessed and gospel driven, not self obsessed and comfort driven.
Our Main block of work has been 9-6. Having cleared and cleaned the area, we have been aligning all the walls and placing provisional metal framework, so that walls can be "straightened". You can appreciate that the existing walls are not in line, vertically, horizontally, diagonally, or even if you squint and stand on one leg (on a trampoline).
The challenge (the "straightest wall" and the straight line)
 The Ladder
 The committee...

 "The texter" (there's always one!) We think he was trying to "phone a friend" or ask siri "how do i build straight wall?"

The "health and safety" discussion

"The Gaffer!"

 The night shift.

The plans below show something of what we are looking to achieve, with recreation areas and eating areas. Post evening meal we went back for another shift to prepare metal work ready for the morning so we can crack on, This is a big space to work on (27 meters by 20meters). We will have to pace ourselves, pray for patience as the blisters and cuts develop from cutting the metal framework and drilling into solid foundation stones.

Thank you for your prayers and encouragement. You are with us in spirit and the means the world to us!
We appreciate your encouragement, speak tomorrow,
A dusty crusty team but in good spirits.