Tuesday, 29 November 2016

"Slowly but maybe maybe Tuesday !!!!! no problem , maybe Friday Komplete"

As British rail once said "we are getting there!". There are a number of notable differences today.
1) We have more cuts and grazes (from angle grinders, rough walls and metal work)
2) We actually know what we are doing.
3) We have put 10 times more brackets and metal framework up.
4) The new wall is straight today.
5) Igor has remembered to put the central heating plug back in so that tonight we sleep in the warm (true he took it out by accident yesterday for using a drill and forgot to put it back in when we went to bed, we were all too shattered to notice and just found an extra blanket)
But most importantly 6) Pieter hasn't fired us and 7) we had tea break in the sun!!!!!

We have made good progress today, but this is patience testing work. It feels a little like working on the factory floor, with one job needing to be done very well over and over and over again.
As you can see, the object of the exercise is to create a straight framework for boarding, so that when teenagers kick a ball against it (or accidentally run into it) they (or the wall) will not break.
Of course there was our usual billingual committee meeting...
But having discussed the 16 possible options for joining the walls we went for the first idea we thought of.
4 doorway areas now look  a little more like doorways (we considered playing both football and rugby in them but decided that wouldn't go down well with the boss).
There were 4 consistent noises today...
1) Angle grinding
2) SDS drilling
3) Premier Radio Black gospel singing
4) the occasional shout of "AAAAARGGGGHHHHHHHHHH!!!!" flippin Nora as anyone got a fresh set of gloves, mine have got blood on!"
We've perfected the art of all looking at the same thing in lots of different ways, in the hope that one of the perspectives might make the job appear correct.
Hope you have also had a successful day. Keep praying for our patience and safety please, and that like in Philippians 2 (which we studied this morning), we might have a servant heart and do this joyfully with our minds fixed on Christ. The team are brilliant together and a joy to work with, our morning fellowship time is something special, we are aware of God's help and your prayers so much. Thank you, praise GOD!