Thursday, 19 October 2017

Amazing day of progress in the big house, even without our best buddy!

This week has been full of challenges. On Tuesday our great friend Emlyn had to fly home becuase his lovely wife was unwell and needed help. We praise God for Emlyn and Carol, and everything they have sacrificed and contributed to this project.  Emlyn contributes way more than his work (which features throughout the building)., His enthusiasm, love and generosity towards the children, endless supply of sweets, banter, arias and practical jokes are but a few of his best gifts. Most of all he has the servant heart that sets the tone for a team to set off on the right foot. We miss him and pray for him, but rest assured the team have carried on with the tone he set (just with less sweets.)

This evening we have been to Priut (church home) to share some fun with our younger friends, it has been the best if times. Mark introduced them to the electronic shock game (I hope they don't need counselling). There were more giggles per hour than I can ever remember having anywhere. It was also fab to chat to some of the older teenagers about them getting into transition house soon. I look forward to making them a brew next time I visit transition house. I will post more photos tomorrow of the completed work and our evening out.
...However... today we would really appreciate your prayer as we consider the very important decision making we are contemplating. You will see from the photos tomorrow that we really are very near completion of this big house. Over the last three weeks we have met some amazing people who have helped us explore future projects both here in Ukraine and further affield. We do not know where God will send us next and how things will pan out, we just know these 5 things.
1) God is speaking to us and teaching us to trust him for the way ahead, and the completion of Transition House will mark the end of an amazing journey of faith, We don't know how God has done this really, we look back and trace his amazing goodness. We would love to have other adventures like this in his plans if that is what he wants.
2) We want to carry on supporting our friends here to keep going. We see this as a family thing, This is not a project, these are our people, we love them, and they are God's people which means our friendship will last into eternity.
3) We know that the world is a very broken place so we are not ruling out those places where war and relational mess leave a trail of destruction.
4) There are some small projects which would make a huge difference, we might look at these in the interim before the next project starts.
5) We can't comprehend how much more God has given us than we have given him. We've done a bit of glorified DIY and yet we have gained lifelong friends, met some of the lovliest people on the planet, and had the privelege of meeting some absolytely  fantastic kids who appreciate everything they have.

Thank you for your prayers, especially in the decisions we make,
speak tomorrow as we sumize our trip,
Big love from the BIG HOUSE