Friday, 20 October 2017

Project near KOMPLETE... 3 weeks komplete... schnips kaput, back nearly kaput but BIG SMILES ALL ROUND!

As we come to the end of our 3 week stint in transition house, things have progressed exceptionally well. Our hope was to fix metal frame-work in a number of places (very time consuming), so that ceilings and walls could be completed as individuals had capacity. As it turns out, despite a number of individuals struggling (with bad backs, knees and joints etc), God has helped us achieve some tangible finish points.

  • Main hall, electric,  metal work,  and all ceiling boards - KOMPLETE
  • 2nd hall, electrics, metal work for ceilings and boxing in, all ceiling plasterboards - KOMPLETE
  • Changing room, metal work for ceiling, electrics and all plasterboard- KOMPLETE
  • Back entrance Hall metal work and OSB walls and 2 doorways KOMPLETE
  • Rear Hall, metal work and boarding for walls metalwork and plasterboard (+electrics), plus floor-tiling KOMPLETE
  • Technic room, metal work on walls and electrics KOMPLTE
  • Large Communal room, flooring, feature walls (tiling) walls, electrics, ceiling, ceiling cannopy (for presentation area) metal work and plasterboarding  - KOMPLETE
  • Kitchen area, Flooring, metalwork ceiling Komplete (awaiting electrics)
  • Front hallway, flooring KOMPLETE
  • 2 Bathrooms, TILING KOMPLETE
  • LARGE Front hallway into MAIN HALLS and CHANGING ROOM, boarding, electrics, ceiling metal work and plasterboard KOMPLETE..
  • Entrance stairs are now also tiled and looking GOOOOOOD!
 In short the basement is nearly KOMPLETE in construction, what remains in the main is cosmetic (filling, plaster and paint). This means that the building is just about KOMPLETE

We are so looking forward to 2 things
1) The day (expected to be JUNE) when the building has its grandopening
2) Going bowling again with  the children. Tonights 10 pin bowling was the funniest thing you have ever seen - We were able to take 25 of our friends to PAPASHON, a lively (loud DJ'd) alley whcih just ramped up the hype (and children ready for bed) more and more. Mark was singled out by the glamorous compare to win numerous prizes which he kindly donated. The coolest of the prizes was definately the lollipop, closely followed by the free time in the ball pool.

Our bodies have some aches but our photocards, hearts and spirits are full - full of gratitude to GOD.
GOD IS GOOD - Hope you can enjoy these pictures of some selected work, the photos may not mean a lot to you but they do to us. Please stay tuned as we fly home tommorow, more will appear hear - including before and after comparisons and hopefully news of our next projects and steps. Full of gratitude to God - this is BLOGSKI logging off in Ukraine for the moment, ready to resume in the world of less bumpy roads (you try typing in a minubus on the way to the black sea camp)

Much love
PS (oh and I forgot to tell say... Mark won the bowling - he wooped the kids - no compassion - but we're not talking about it!)