Friday, 6 October 2017

Fab Friday!

Hello folks, so sorry for the drop in communication. It has been a combo of 3 things ... drop in internet / electricity, a busy schedule and the need for r+r after a long day. We have been trying to make the most of the opportunities knowing that the weekend will bring wet weather.

We are just back from visiting our friends at church. This is always the highlight of every trip and tonight will go down in the memory for some time.

We were able to introduce our new friends Ken and Dennis, I think they went down pretty well :)

We were also able to share some small gifts which we pray will be useful for every day life in the Big house where 30 growing children need the odd thing or other here and there. All the gifts were a hit, but especially the 40 high school musical bags (thank you Kelly Ann - you star) and funky water bottles to take to school. We also heard about one or two needs, (things like prescription specs which are not at all cheap) so if you want to help, we would be keen to hear from you.
The building work has come on a storm. The guys are smashing the program, and doing an immaculate job in record time. Rob is the brains of the outfit ! He has clever lazers and everything ! The light show is completed by Emlyn's fascination with producing sparks with a grinder, it really is like Nov 5th every day of the week...

Apart from having way too much fun, we've managed to finish a number of walls and the massive sports hall ceiling is coming on really well.

Working with your neck stretching to the skies with an SDS is not the easiest all day. These guys are complete stars, and their heart to do this both for God and the kids is what motivates them - He is certainly enabling them above and beyond, there is a real buzz in the basement, and it isnt just the chorus of Makitas, stanleys and xtremes giving it some, it is the joy of doing something really worthwhile and having a complete laugh doing it!.
Some of us are being tested in our concentration...

Last night was pretty awesome with a trip to the Opera. Andre (who sings in the chorus) kindly arranged for us to have tickets  for a beautiful version of Madame Butterfly. Some of the guys had their own interpretation of the libretto, ("Bloke fancies woman, goes off, theres a bit of pollava and women tops herself just like in every opera (but manages to sing like an angel as she does")). Give or take - not a bad summary.

As always the hospitality is as warm as an electric blanket in the sahara, and the food is humblingly good. Lydia seems to have adopted a new method of making us eat 5 helpings. She now just wanders around the table piling our plates, knowing that we are often slow to go back for a 3rd helping when there are several more being kept hot in the oven. You have to bear in mind that there are a minimum of 14 of us for lunch each day.

I'd love to tell more, but we are in need of some rest, so hopefully over the weekend the internet will be better and we'll be able to upload some more photos.

Big love to our familes, friends and supporters. God is answering your prayers in an awesome way. Thank you for being with us,