Sunday, 26 May 2013

Update Saturday 25th PM

Dear Pastor P and Blogski friends...
Firstly and most importantly Clive, Malcolm and Emlyn have landed safely and no bags have been lost.
Secondly ... (what follows is a barrage of digs at pastor P)
Charles and Rob went to Transition house, whilst there we completed the concrete in the final shower room and...

  • Removed the excess tile adhesive from the tiling already completed (dig).
  • Rob had a little trip on the uneven tiling (please see picture) Insurance claim form is in the post. :) (dig)
  • *blogger responds "that's because you were jumping on them before they were dry!"(dig)
  • John had a lovely day chilling out. (dig)
  • Whilst waiting at Odessa airport (arrival - 1 hour late) Alex and Peter treated Charles, John and Rob to a lovely cup of coffee with a cool looking leaf on the top.

Regards "The Team."
ps. John is happy the real workers have arrived.