Monday, 1 May 2017

Introducing John BC

Good evening friends. (well it is here anyway)
A terrific first day of work, more of that in a moment. Some of you will know John Collinson...
For those who don't... John was a frequent  member of the teams who cames out from North Wales to help at transistion house, until he felt a prompt from God to move out here and self support himself to serve our friends in a "full time" and "full on" capacity. His ministry is so valuable to the folks here. John lives on site and works hard to support everything that goes on, continuing to do the tough stuff, when we all bomb back home after a short trip, pretending we have done something significant.
  It has been really great to catch up with John and reunite him with some things that he misses from home, (mainly yorkshire tea and the full range of cadbury's products). Please remember  John in your prayers, he has done a tremendously servant hearted thing, Not many men of his age would leave their family roots and everything else they had built up, to serve in this way. I believe it is a true act of devotion to Christ which will reap massively in due time, It is so good to see how much he is loved and appreciated here.
For a little while I did wonder why they  referred to him by his royal title / full name ("John Benjamin Collinson") when calling him in for "tea break". However facbook friends will know this is how his name appears, and so that is how the church got to know who he was. He will forever be John Benjamin Collinson in this neck of the woords.


The morning started with our studies in spiritual discipline, reminding ourselves of Gal 6:9, that those who invest in God will always reap a wonderful harvest.   As men we can be disciplined and habbitual about a lot of things (the tidyness of our shed, the stripes on the lawn, the alphabetical order of CD's , the TV routine, etc etc) but... being spiritually disciplined is something we often find very much harder - yet the payoff is so incomparably more worth while, If you're reading this and follow Jesus Christ, we pray that today is a day when you invest by faith, not in what is seen, but that of lasting value and worth in God's economy. Your prayer time is not wasted today, keep at it.

Wonderful progress - BE ENCOURAGED !!!
  After breakfast we had the wonderful proof that God answers prayer right before our eyes. Peter took us arround transition house to show us all the progress that has been made. Considering the -15 temperatures and torrid winter that was experienced, it is remarkable to see 5 bathrooms completed amongst many other things. Many of you helped us fund bathroom suites and units. All of them have gone in and look fantastic.

Floor 3 looks terrific, now tidied of all building materials, it really is looking like a home not a construction site.

Peter told us some wodnerfull examples of God's goodness. For example how they are the only building around whose basement never ever floods becuase of the perculiar geology on which it is built and its height in the water table.  (This is the kind of thing you are pretty glad to find our after you have built a home for needy children there, but God knew it way before he gave them the land)

Onto work in the basement. John, John, Nick and Clive set about finishing ventalation provision and putting OSB board up in the games hall. They went "full throttle" today and made great progress. (more photos next time).

 Emlyn, builder Igor and myself set about putting up walls for the changing room. Progress was maybe a little less impressive on the eye, but we have made a great start and when putting walls in place it is always wise to follow the rule (measure twice, think thrice before executing rather than after). We are placing walls which we hope will there for a long time to come. Emlyn kept us supplied in good sweets,  good humoiur and good safety goggles.

A BIT OF GEOGRAPHY - Try to be interested at the back of the class.
One thing maybe of interest is the materials we are covering up.

 The lower material here is commonly known as "sea rock". Formed over a prologed period of time by shells being crushed and compacted under the sea, and hewn out of large boulders into bricks. This very solid material forms a lot of the basement. The lower material (with the honeycombe like texture is from the Crimea region, the greyer stone is from Odessa region.)

It's maybe too early for you to think about rest but we need it. BE READY FOR TOMORROW.
Tomorrow is a celebration day in Ukraine, they celebrate both 1st and 2nd of May. We have been invited to join with the children on a special excursion to enjoy the weather at Illinka, This is the site of one of the church plants from "grace" church. We will do our best to have fun and enjoy the gorgeous weather, before we welcome ROB and JOE at the airport.
Thank you for those of you who are  praying. A couple of  things we would appreciate you remembering....
  • That Joe and Rob would arrive safely
  • That tomorrow would be a great day for the children, that we can encourage those who work with them and also the church at Illinka)
I will leave you with a common sight just after work is complete and showers have been enjoyed. The moment of tendreness when all men get out their phones and tell those back home how much they love them. (note the glazed eyes and how they do not respond to a thing i say never mind a photo)

We thank God for you and support so much. Hope you are as encouraged today as we are.
Keep going, whatever you are doing for Him. What is done in faith, is never in vein, and will always reap a harvest.
Chat tomorrow,
P (on behalf of some guys with slightly achey legs and arms, and therefore can only just use fingers to text and eat buscuits)