Monday, 17 March 2014

Back to work

Well the weekend is over, so it's back to work today. We just can't believe that we are starting our 3rd week, time has really flown by.

After our outing on Saturday it was good to worship again with our friends at Grace Baptist Church. We had the help of a translator for both services and recognised the tunes to some of the songs, so we were able to sing in english alongside our Ukrainian brothers and sisters, it is amazing how difficult it is to do this when the predominant singing is in another language.

During the afternoon we had some time to rest as we seem to have been on the go since we arrived.

After the evening service Pastor Igor led a session to explain the situation for people if the country does have to go to war and the government decides to bring in a compulsory call up. It certainly focuses the mind being here and witnessing the situation as it develops. It is comforting to know that we have a great God who is in control of all things.

Today we have hung our last 2 doors, which took longer than expected as we had to cut some more bits out of the walls to get the frames fitted properly. We are now left with some tidying up work to do around the frames and fitting the plates on for the catch & locks to go into on the frames.

Just when we thought we had finished, Peter announced that he had ordered 2 more doors and that they would be arriving later today, which they did as we left for the church.

Last night we stayed at the church in the visitors apartment, as there has been no mains water at Transition House since Saturday morning, we are there again tonight, however it is supposed to be back on later tomorrow so we hope to be back in our apartment in Transition House tomorrow night.

We might be going bowling later this week or perhaps next week when the children are on holiday. It seems that we may also be going to the camp again next Saturday to do some more clearing up, which will most probably involve another football match and barbecue!