Monday, 24 March 2014

Week 4

It's amazing that we are now starting week 4, the time is flying by, each day seems to be packed full with little time to rest.

On Saturday we again went to the Black Sea camp with a group of children from the shelter. There were still plenty of fallen branches to collect and tidy up. This time most of the adults went down to the lower camp and cut down some of the branches that had broken in the bad weather but were still attached to trees, we also cut off some branches that looked as though they might be a hazard in the future.

As you can see from Rob's clothing, it was quite cold and foggy as well.

We left some of the children preparing the BBQ for lunch.

On Sunday we went to Church and had lunch at the shelter, after lunch Alex took us out with his family to an open air museum, which was south of Odessa. We then travelled back up the coast to Odessa where we had something to eat in a typical Ukrainian restaurant. After Church in the evening we returned to Transition House for supper.

Today has been cold and foggy again, we seem to have lost the warm sunshine at the moment, however it hasn't worried us as we have been hanging doors again. We only have 2 more to do out of our second batch, but Peter has said this evening that he will be buying some more, which will be the large doors to the apartments, so when those are done all the doors will be completed on this floor which will really make it look good.

Later this week we hope to go bowling with the children, as it's now half term in Odessa.