Monday, 31 March 2014

Week 5

Well we are now into week 5 of our visit and work continues on installing the internal doors on the second floor of Transition House. Last Friday the remaining 6 doors arrived, these have an all round frame with the bottom section being recessed into the floor, as you can imagine fitting these doors provides some new challenges.

Last Thursday morning we were able to take some of the older children from the shelter ten pin bowling along with a couple of the helpers. We played for 2 hours and the children had an enjoyable time.

Saturday, we again went to the Black Sea Camp, this time with more of the younger children, to continue with clearing fallen branches which had come down during the winter.

At the Sunday morning service we witnessed the ordination of three Deacons into Grace Baptist Church. We had also been invited to have lunch afterwards with the families of the three Deacons along with the pastors of the church. We felt privileged and honoured and it was again another moment on this trip that provided further insight into the lives of the people of the church, something we would not normally see on these trips to Odessa.

After Sundays lunch, we were taken down to the sea port of Odessa with Alex and his family. After a brief stroll along the harbour and watching a large ship come into dock, we sat and enjoyed a drink at one of the coffee shops along the sea port. While we sat, we could see in the distance a demonstration taking place at the top of a flight of steps leading to the town centre. Our second time on this trip where we have witnessed first hand the unrest that continues in the Ukraine.