Friday, 14 March 2014

Friday 14th March
Its hard to believe we have reached the end of our second week. Work on installing the doors has continued at a steady pace, we were hoping to have all the doors installed by the end of today but we had a minor setback with one of them so we still have two left of the original 8 to fit on Monday.
On Wednesday evening we met up with an American couple, Rhonda and Luben, who are doing mission work out here in Odessa. They are part of an organisation that help set up plant churches. After having some chilli and coffee we were invited to a meet with some fellow Christian Ukrainians at a place called the Ascent Church.
Thursday afternoon John and I were able to have some time out sitting in the sunshine. Peter and Bogdan did some cutting of walls which creates a lot if dust and so we were ordered to go and have some rest while they did this.
Peter and Lydia continue to look after us well, for those who have been out to transition house they will know what that means, lots of food!
Apologies for no pictures this time, but we feel once you have seen one door, you have seen them all!
We ask that you keep the people of Ukraine in your thoughts and prayers during this unsettling time.